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Gawker Media files for bankruptcy, and it’s all Hulk Hogan’s fault

(Photo: Getty Images)

Gawker Media has had its fair share of celebrity feuds over the years: There was that time Quentin Tarantino vowed revenge against the online outlet for leaking his Hateful Eight script back in 2014, for example. But, perhaps appropriately, it was Terry “Hulk Hogan” Bollea who put Gawker in a choke hold earlier this year when a Florida judge ruled that the media company owed the No Holds Barred star $140 million in damages for posting a sex tape featuring the former pro wrestler in 2012.

Now Variety reports that Gawker Media filed for bankruptcy protection in a New York court earlier today—an expected outcome after Gawker’s failed appeal—and that the outlet will probably go up for sale in the near future. Publisher Ziff Davis, which owns Askmen and IGN, among other publications, has reportedly already offered $100 million for Gawker Media, and Variety mentions several other companies rumored to be interested. So if you’ve got $100 million or so lying around, now’s your chance to be a media mogul—and make Hulk Hogan rich(er) in the process.

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