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Gauge your odds of surviving in Game Of Thrones’ Westeros

Westeros, the setting of HBO’s Game Of Thrones, is a dangerous place. Any number of actions we take for granted—getting married, going to the bathroom, watching someone get married, being anywhere even sort of near a wedding—can lead to one’s untimely demise, regardless of skill, nobility, or popularity with the fans. Whereas many fantasy worlds invite the question, “What would I do if I was there?,” Game Of Thrones forces the viewer to ask themselves “How the hell would I stay alive?”

The following flowchart from Dorkly might give the show’s fans a better grasp of their odds of surviving amongst all of the dragons, warring knights, and nuptials threatening your safety in the Seven Kingdoms. SPOILER ALERT: Your odds are very, very bad.


And in case you didn't find that convincing enough, have a quick—and by quick, we mean five minutes worth of grisly, sudden violence—rundown of every single death on the series to date. (In case the previous sentence didn't tip you off, neither video is safe for work, and both are full of spoilers for the entire show so far.)

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