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Gather 'round, dads: Traffic's Dave Mason rerecorded "Feelin' Alright" with Sammy Hagar and the Doobie Brothers

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We can only imagine the sheer force of will it takes to sit down, as Traffic’s Dave Mason just did, and rerecord the 1968 single “Feelin’ Alright” with a performance that doesn’t make those words come across as sarcastic or cruel. And yet, Mason has managed to pull it off, offering the world a joy-inspiring new version of the track with a little help from the Doobie Brothers, Sammy Hagar, and Mick Fleetwood.

Performing as Dave Mason & The Quarantines, the group is shown playing the hell out of the song even though they’re all in separate places. Fleetwood mugs for the camera, bulging out his eyes and pulling faces for the camera while Sammy Hagar grins and bobs his head in front of a microphone. The best part is the one-two punch of Michael McDonald absolutely tearing up a piano solo before laying down the sort of hilariously full-throated vocals that only a charged-up McDonald can provide.


Mason told Rolling Stone he “called up some friends” for the new version because “people need some hope and comfort and especially music” right now. “To do this remotely was somewhat challenging, hence the name ‘The Quarantines,’ but the spirit of strength, hope, and heart prevail.”

A real artist, Mason must have instinctively known that the best way to ensure he could pull all of this off was to recruit McDonald and get him to just absolutely rip into the track, providing exactly the sort of enthusiastic jam we need to get through these dark days.


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