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Gary Oldman, being an aging male actor, recently felt the need to say some stupid stuff in an interview with Playboy, yet it doesn’t appear to have caused any harm to his career. This means that every other person who is considering saying stupid stuff in an interview should take note of how he’s managed pull this off and just do exactly what he did. In other words, they should be Gary Oldman. He was in some Harry Potter movies and Batman movies! We can’t stay mad at that old cranky-pants.


That’s a good thing, too, because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to enjoy him being an old cranky-pants in the upcoming CIA thriller Criminal. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oldman will star alongside Kevin Costner in the film, which is about the CIA transferring the memories of a dead agent into the brain of a dangerous prisoner. The plan, obviously, is for the prisoner to then become so empowered by his new knowledge or whatever that he decides to help the government foil some kind of evil scheme. It sounds like the sort of movie that Nicolas Cage should be starring in, but we guess Oldman and Costner will be fine.

Criminal will be directed by The Iceman’s Ariel Vromen. Now let’s just hope Oldman doesn’t do any more interviews.

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