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Three weeks after he was convicted of one count of attempted rape, four counts of indecent assault, and one count of having sex with an underage girl, Gary Glitter, the former glam rocker once known for “Rock And Roll, Parts One And Two” but now known for being a despicable pedophile creep, has been sentenced to 16 years in prison in a London court. At the sentencing hearing, Judge Alistair McCreath said he could find no evidence that the 70-year old, who reportedly showed no emotion when the sentence was read, had atoned for his crimes.

McCreath also said that, were it up to him, he would have sentenced Glitter to life in prison, but that he was restricted by the maximum sentences for the crimes at the time they were committed. (The punishment for what was then known as “unlawful intercourse with a child under 13” was apparently much less severe in the ’70s than it is now.) Glitter’s predatory ways first came to the attention of the British authorities in 1999, when a repair person found a cache of child pornography on his computer. Glitter then fled to Vietnam, where he served three years in jail for the molestation of two preteen girls. Glitter will be 86 when he gets out of jail, if he lives that long.

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