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After decades of inexplicably avoiding serious jail time for committing a series of sexual offenses against young girls in the ‘70s, a London court has finally convicted Gary Glitter of one count of attempted rape, four counts of indecent assault, and one count of having sex with an underage girl. Glitter—his real name is Paul Gadd—spent four months in a British prison in 1999 after someone repairing his computer found a collection of child pornography. After that, he fled to Vietnam, where he was also imprisoned—for three years—for committing “obscene acts with children.” Basically, he’s a fucking creep.

This all comes from the Associated Press, which notes that Glitter’s most recent conviction comes after he was arrested in 2012 as part of Operation Yewtree—a British investigation into child abuse that was sparked after a similar scandal surrounded BBC host Jimmy Savile. Also, Glitter might be going away for a lot longer than a few years this time, as the AP says the maximum sentence for a case like this is life in prison. Glitter will receive his sentence on February 27, after which point the world will probably never have to hear “Rock & Roll (Part 2)” ever again.

[via Rolling Stone]

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