Offering further evidence that Peter Jackson could have condensed The Hobbit into a single compelling movie through more judicious editing, here's Gary Busey musing on Hobbits—a narration of "Little Earth" that could easily stand in for hours of needless exposition and superfluous action sequences. In just under two minutes, Busey covers all the salient points of Tolkien's work while also delving into what makes those goshdarn Hobbits so enviable: Their wide underwear. The fact that Hobbits like to use cockroaches for games, necklaces, and hairpieces. The androgyny that makes it so exciting for boy and girl Hobbits to discover who's packing what "apparatus." The teamwork that helps Hobbits get so much done in a day. Hobbits are special. Were you a Hobbit in a past life? Let Gary Busey know. He's apparently got some sort of cockroach problem he could use your help with. [via BuzzFeed]