Although filming has already begun on Piranha 3DD (the extra “D” is for “Don’t worry, there are tits”) the cast is still being rounded out, as the somewhat-quickie sequel to an already-quickie movie was forced to trade original players like Adam Scott and Elisabeth Shue for the likes of David Koechner and Danielle Panabaker. But of course, the acting in something such as this is more or less superfluous, and worrying about star-worthy performances in a film like Piranha 3DD is as silly as, say, wondering how another batch of flesh-eating fish could somehow find their way into a popular water park, which is actually the plot. So fuck it, you may as well stick Gary Busey in there.

Sadly, Busey is not putting his impressive incisors to use as one of the piranha, though it’s not yet clear whom he’s playing. But honestly, they may as well have him just be Gary Busey, as he’s damn sure not going to memorize any lines. Maybe he can simply wander on screen and offer one of his famous “Busey-ism” acrostics—like, “Piranha: People’s Ignorance Receiving Aquatic Nature’s Hostile Answer”—before the fish bite off his dick.