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Garry Shandling's friends are reviving his Twitter account with jokes and excerpts from his journals

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As one of the wittier working comics of the last few decades, comedian Garry Shandling was a natural on Twitter, mixing together some light self-promotion, boosts for his friends, and a lot of enjoyably weird, self-deprecating humor into one enjoyable package. Now, some of his pals are bringing Shandling’s comic sensibility back to the internet, announcing plans to revive his Twitter account with periodic jokes from his writings and journals. So far, it’s unsurprisingly strong stuff:


Shandling—who died in 2016—has picked up a renewed surge of interest in recent months, thanks in part to Judd Apatow’s HBO documentary The Zen Diaries Of Garry Shandling. (Also to the fact that he was a supremely human and funny man.) Hopefully, these unnamed friends of his estate will keep the material coming; the world could always use another Garry Shandling joke or two.

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