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Garrett Hedlund joins Ang Lee’s Iraq War satire

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TriStar is apparently close to finalizing negotiations for Garrett Hedlund to appear as an “intense, explosive” military squad leader in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, Ang Lee’s adaptation of the bestselling novel about Iraq War veterans on a bizarre “Victory Tour” through northern Texas. The Tron: Legacy star was previously reported to be in talks for the role, discussions which have apparently developed into advanced negotiations, and are only a few more experience points away from leveling up to “confirmed.” The news comes at the same time as reports that Steve Martin, who was previously in discussions to appear, may have to drop out of Billy Lynn due to scheduling conflicts.


Based on Ben Fountain’s debut novel, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk will see the title character, played by newcomer Joe Alwyn, dealing with the strain of being hailed as a hero after being filmed during a firefight with Iraqi insurgents. Along with the rest of his squad, including Hedlund’s character, fast-talking live wire Sgt. David Dime, Lynn is feted at a Dallas Cowboys halftime show on Thanksgiving Day, in a satire that juxtaposes cheerleaders, screaming fans, and Destiny’s Child with Lynn’s fears of returning to the war.

Hedlund previously made the news when it was reported he was playing a young Captain Hook in Joe Wright’s upcoming Peter Pan prequel Pan, due for release on July 24. So, at least he’ll come into the new role with some military experience under his belt, even if it is from service in an imaginary pirate navy that primarily battles 12-year-olds.

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