Drake Arbuckle (Screenshot: YouTube)

Garfield’s owner, Jon Arbuckle, is unlikely to shed his image as a sexless, socially inept nerd any time soon. But consider the facts of the case. He’s been an essential player in a successful multimedia franchise for nearly 40 years, meaning that he’s recognized all over the world. Besides being a musician and cartoonist, he owns his own very respectable home and has an extensive, eccentric wardrobe, too. Plus he’s good with animals. Maybe he does better with the ladies than fans think. After all, he’s been in a relationship with veterinarian Dr. Liz Wilson for over 10 years, and in those Garfield movies, she’s played by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Not too shabby. Still in all, it’s a stretch to imagine Jon ever saying something like, “Is it just me, or is this sex so good I shouldn’t have to fuck for free?” But that’s exactly what happens in a new mashup from VKMTV Studios that combines footage from the 1988 animated series Garfield And Friends with “For Free,” a 2016 DJ Khaled track featuring vocals by Drake.

Garfield fans may not want to contemplate the specifics of Jon’s sex life, but the VKMTV video forces them to do just that. Jon takes the smooth, swaggering Drake role here, with Garfield backing him up as DJ Khaled. Sample lyrics: “Dip, dip, straight to your doorstep / This is the real thing / Can you feel the force yet?” Best not to consider the “pussy on agua” part. Fortunately, Garfield And Friends provided VKMTV with plenty of raw material for this mashup. In the series, Jon is shown in the company of numerous attractive ladies, and he gets to show off not only his dance moves but also his accordion- and guitar-playing skills as well. He’s normally depicted as a meek, fumbling nebbish in the comics, but he struts through this video like an overconfident Lothario. He even shows up for one date in his polka-dotted underwear. Sure, Jon, that was “accidental.” Whatever you say.