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Garbage Pail Kids to become a movie... again

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Topps’ Garbage Pail Kids—the Art Spiegelman-created trading card series that gave an entire generation of children nicknames they then funneled into still-simmering, scattershot rage—will get another chance at a movie adaptation, because you have heard of it. Deadline reports that Michael Eisner’s Tornante Company will produce a film to be written by Michael Vukadinovich (of the recently acquired Three Misfortunes Of Geppetto) and directed by the enigmatically named PES, whose short films like Western Spaghetti, Game Over, and Fresh Guacamole have all become web hits.


While that’s certainly some unique talent to put behind a film based on an ‘80s nostalgia property that was itself a parody of another ‘80s nostalgia property (one recently tapped for its own potential reboot), it remains to be seen whether this will be enough to fashion an entire worthwhile story out of a string of gross-out gags and puns—especially given 1987’s live-action The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, which seemingly proved definitively that, no, it is not. Or rather, it’s snot. Get it? Then you will like the new Garbage Pail Kids movie.

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