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Gamers have finally willed a remake of Final Fantasy VII into existence

Final Fantasy VII

Ever since legendary role-playing game studio Square—now Square Enix—released Final Fantasy VII for the original PlayStation in 1997, fans have been begging for a chance to play the game again. Well, not just “again,” because nobody’s been stopping them from doing that for the last 18 years. No, what they wanted was a chance to play the game again without the horrible, horrible, horrible polygons that PlayStation games were made of. They wanted a remake. (This may seem surprising to people who only follow the movie industry, but some people who play video games actually like it when things get remakes. Sometimes the remakes even turn out really good!)

Earlier tonight, during Sony’s E3 press conference, Square Enix actually answered the prayers of the world’s Final Fantasy fans and announced that, yep, it’s developing a remake of Final Fantasy VII. It’ll have all the crazy hair, crazy swords, and crazy tragic deaths that you loved in 1997, but now it’ll all look super slick and PlayStation 4-y. Oh, but there’s a twist: The announcement trailer for Final Fantasy VII only mentioned that you can “Play it first on PlayStation 4,” which implies that it’s also coming to Xbox One—or maybe Wii U if Square Enix is feeling really wild. Whatever system you end up playing it on, at least it’ll be a new version of Final Fantasy VII. Also, no release date was announced, so we have no idea when you’ll be able to play it.


Oh well, here’s that trailer we mentioned:

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