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Gameological readers, what do you want to know about Destiny?

In case you haven’t yet been privy to the zillion-dollar ad blitz telling you about it, Destiny came out today. It’s a lot of things: the next original game from Bungie, the house that Halo built; the first big game of the big game season; and reportedly the most expensive game ever made. You won’t find any full-on reviews out there today. That’s because Bungie decided it would be best to make critics wait until the game launches to play it. This way, the game’s world could be populated with thousands of players, a crowd that Bungie says is an essential part of the experience. We’re going to be playing this one by ear. Ryan Smith is reviewing the game, and while we’d like to give you a Gameological review of this mega-blockbuster as soon as possible, we’ll give Ryan the time he needs.

But ahead of the formal review, Ryan will be the subject of this week’s What Are You Playing This Weekend, and he’ll be talking all about Destiny. In addition to the questions we’ll have for him, we want to pose a few from you, the readers. So ask away in the comments for this post. Feel free to ask more than one question, but don’t spam the threads, of course. Questions can run the gamut from serious to silly. For example, if you hung around Gameological in the past, you might remember our Review Check-In videos, one of which featured the questions “How necessary is this game if you’ve played the first three?” and “Do all the characters look like they’re modeled out of foreskin?”

So, Gameologerinos, what do you want to know about Destiny?


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