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Game show rerun network launches in areas deemed worthy of Monty Hall

Monty Hall offers a trade to a contestant on the 1963 pilot of Let's Make A Deal. (Photo: Buzzr)

Buzzr, an over-the-air network dedicated to reruns of classic game shows, is launching today on select stations throughout the country. First announced in January, the FremantleMedia-backed station went live this afternoon with a “soft launch” consisting of two Card Sharks and Super Password episodes on a loop, plus short clips of an interview between former Let’s Make A Deal host Monty Hall and his successor, Wayne Brady. At 8 p.m. Eastern, Buzzr will “officially” launch with an airing of the 1963 Deal pilot, in which a youthful Hall strikes deals with soberly attired audience members. The costumes came later.

Operating as a digital subchannel on Fox owned-and-operated affiliates—including some MyNetworkTV stations—Buzzr’s broadcast areas include the biggest American cities but are otherwise patchy. Those who are able to tune in will get a lineup of shows that includes well-known classics such as Family Feud and Match Game along with somewhat less famous games like Bill Cullen’s Blockbusters and the Tom Kennedy-hosted Body Language. The network has a handy station finder (and not much else) on its website, so you can see whether the broadcasting fates have granted you access to old episodes of What’s My Line.


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