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Game Of Thrones writer hired for Disney’s Sword In The Stone remake

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Because they both feature magic swords, dragons, and sexy witches, Disney’s plan for its upcoming The Sword In The Stone live-action remake will obviously include a writer for HBO’s Game Of Thrones. To back up a bit: The Hollywood Reporter announced the remake earlier today, the newest item on an ever-increasing list of live-action version of its classic films that are in the works at Disney. (At this rate, the company should have a release schedule to rival even Marvel’s 13-year plan.)


THR also says that Game Of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman is attached to write the script. Along with Fox’s still-in-development Magic: The Gathering movie, Cogman wrote the Thrones episodes “Cripples, Bastards, And Broken Things,” “What Is Dead May Never Die,” “Kissed By Fire,” “Oathkeeper,” “The Laws Of Gods And Men,” “Kill The Boy,” and “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken,” so expect a brother/sister/sister’s husband threesome, a charred goat, and a controversial wedding-night scene—if they can get the hard R-rating, anyway. Or, actually, Variety says the movie will be “on the lighter side.” PG-13, then.

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