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Game Of Thrones will return for its final season in April 2019

One year and three months. That’s how long it’s been since Game Of Thrones’ penultimate season ended. That’s how long it’s been since—spoiler alert if you somehow aren’t caught up on season seven, and if not, what the hell have you been doing?—The Night King rode atop a blue-eyed Viserion shooting crazy blue flames as The Wall crumbled to bits, a totally chill and uneventful place to leave Game Of Thrones fans. Luckily, we finally know how much longer we’ll have to wait until returning to Westeros.

HBO dropped a new teaser for the show’s eighth and final season on Tuesday, but before you lose your mind, no, there’s no new footage. The short video is just recycled highlights from the past seven seasons. But the real news: Game Of Thrones will return in April 2019.


Though another five months is still quite a wait, the marketing spree has officially begun (check out HBO’s new hashtag in the video). Given that, we can probably expect a teaser with new footage from the final six episodes to arrive soon. Thank the old gods and the new HBO didn’t make us watch another goddamn block of ice melt to announce it.

Previously, the network said the season would arrive in the “first half” of next year, which was, uh, pretty open to interpretation. Now a confirmed April premiere means Game Of Thrones will certainly dominate the 2019 Emmys.

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