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Game Of Thrones will have some big-ass dragons next season

No, more big-ass than that (Photo: Game Of Thrones/HBO)

The Game Of Thrones team, perhaps realizing that they’d toyed with fans’ emotions just a tad with that melting ice bit, is shoring up good will once more by reminding viewers of all the things they enjoy about the show: political intrigue, Tyrion’s smarminess, and of course, dragons. Daenerys’ trio of winged firebreathers has helped her vanquish many of her foes already, so they’re bound to play a key role in her impending siege of Westeros. Accordingly, Viserion, Rhaegal, and Drogon are all being upgraded from big to big-ass for season six.

Thrones director Matt Shakman tells Entertainment Weekly that the dragons we’ll see when winter comes to HBO this summer will be “the size of 747s.” That’s not quite Antonov An-225 ass size, but it does sound big-ass indeed—huge, even. And Drogon, the largest of the newly titanic three, will now have a ”flame diameter” of 30 feet, for the nerds keeping track at home. It’s just too bad he wasn’t around to make quick work of that damn block of ice that held the July 16 premiere date captive.


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