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Game Of Thrones wants to slide into your DMs

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Winter is coming—all up in your DMs, anyway, if you sign up for what appears to be a long-form tease for the fifth season of Game Of Thrones. In a tweet also containing an enigmatic video, the show’s official Twitter feed told followers to visit ThreeEyedRaven.com in order to gain the power of #TheSight, #TheSight being the ability, exhibited most notably in the show and book series by Bran Stark, to #TelepathicallyPerceivePastFutureOrDistantEvents. Visiting the website then directs users to receive #TheSight via Twitter or text message. Opting in results in a text or Twitter direct message that reads, “You now have the power of #TheSight. Keep watch for visions of the future.”


Although there are no further details and the video isn’t very helpful—Bran is prominently featured in it, for one thing, even though he and well-meaning oaf pal Hodor will not appear in the fifth season—the smart money seems to be on the texts and DMs eventually leading to an early look at the first trailer for the next season. Or maybe it’s just an excuse for Game Of Thrones to keep texting you to hang out until you have to block it or send it a “new phone, who this?”

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