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Game Of Thrones video game coming from Telltale, maker of The Walking Dead

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Telltale Games, the developer that made the much beloved Walking Dead video game series, will be exploring the snowy, stabby world of HBO’s Game Of Thrones with its next big episodic series. The announcement was made on the Spike VGX “awards” broadcast, a three-hour-long marketing experiment that seemed tailor-made to simultaneously alienate and pander to video game fans. Telltale’s trailer is insubstantial to say the least. All we know is that the game is slated to come out in 2014, a year in which Telltale will release a bunch of other projects, including more episodes of The Wolf Among Us, which is based on the comic book series Fables; season two of The Walking Dead; and the also newly announced Tales From The Borderlands, a spinoff based on the Borderlands series of cartoon-gun-collecting/first-person shooter games.

While Game Of Thrones will be based on the HBO show rather than George R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire books, Telltale CEO Dan Connors said the development team will be “taking advantage of all the fiction to make something great.” If the Walking Dead games are any guide, that something great will probably involve lots of difficult choices made during conversations in gardens, occasional fight sequences, and the constant reminder that “Littlefinger will remember that.” 

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