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Game Of Thrones + Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt = “Jaqen H’ghar” music video

Everyone deserves his or her own theme song, even a Faceless Man. Everyone’s favorite servant to the Many-Faced God, Jaqen H’ghar from Game Of Thrones, gets his courtesy of Practical Folks and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Using Titus’ song “Peeno Noir” (an ode to black penis) from the latter, the YouTube users crafted “Jaqen H’ghar,” which has more internal logic than Titus’ version (and a distinct lack of Tom Berenger references). It’s surprisingly catchy and will be stuck in people’s heads for days upon hearing it, but also acts as a good little recap of Arya Stark’s journey through the treacherous world of a George R.R. Martin narrative. It’s simple, but it’s also incredibly entertaining.

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