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Illustration for article titled iGame Of Thrones/i’ The Mountain breaks keg-toss world record, would rule his frat

Ah, the old weekend routine: Sleep in, go to brunch, smash a world record for keg tossing. It’s a bit old hat by now, isn’t it? Not for Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, the man who plays The Mountain on Game Of Thrones. Just like how some of us can’t seem to stop settling in for more Rise Of The Tomb Raider—even though we already beat it, like, two weeks ago—Björnsson can’t quite tear himself away from throwing kegs higher in the air than any other person in the world. Mashable reports the strongman once again broke the world record for keg tossing over the holiday weekend, breaking the record set by the world’s previous champion for heaving containers of beer into the air, a.k.a. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. In related news, every fraternity in America has just invited him to the mixer on Friday night, and were wondering if he felt like pledging this year.


This marks the second world record Björnsson set in 2015 alone, although frankly, this new one isn’t quite so cool, given his last stunt involved breaking a record literally a thousand years old. Still, the current title-holder of “Europe’s Strongest Man” is probably feeling pretty good about himself, chucking the 33-pound container into the air to a height of 24 feet and six inches, over a bar that looks pitifully low in retrospect. “What beer, officers?” Björnsson likely got very used to saying to cops trying to bust him for underage drinking back in the day, as the steady drip-drip-drip of a keg nestled in the treetops above his Icelandic home hit the ground at his feet. “Haha, of course, whatever you want, Hafþór!” the cops wisely responded, backing away as quickly as possible, the better to hop back into their tiny little police cars and fire up Bjork’s Post as rapidly as their Icelandic legs would carry them.

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