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Game Of Thrones teases its fiery, climactic finale with new photos

Photo: Helen Sloan (HBO)

[Spoilers for Game Of Thrones season eight, episode five below.]

Game Of Thrones has kept its cards close to the vest this season, going the Mad Men route of teasing episodes with frustratingly vague teasers. Take the one for this Sunday’s episode, the series’ last, which shows us a sad-eyed Tyrion, an ash-streaked Arya, Dany presiding over some cheering Dothraki, and Jon Snow skewering his former queen before rallying the masses to rebuild King’s Landing, resurrect Varys, and bring peace to the realm. Or maybe just the first three, it’s open to interpretation.

Now, to whet your appetite that much more, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have shared a pair of photos from the episode, one of which is literally the screen capture from the teaser. You can see that one above. The other? A tighter shot of Tyrion and his sad, sad eyes.


Yep, we’re on our own on this one, kids, so let’s imagine all the photos they’re not showing us, like:

- Sansa obliviously wandering through Winterfell, wondering how that whole King’s Landing siege is going.

- Bran sitting by the weirwood tree, waiting silently for someone to roll him home.

- Zombie Mountain emerging from the flames, The Hound’s head in hand.

- Harry Strickland’s open eye, now an icy shade of blue.

- Arya washing her dang face. 

Sunday can’t come soon enough.


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