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Game Of Thrones superfan Aaron Rodgers is anti-Bran, thinks Dany got a raw deal

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[Spoilers for Game Of Thrones season eight, episode six.]

Aaron Of House Rodgers, Quarterback For The Green Bay Packers And, Uh, King Of The First Men Or Something, has a whole lot to say about Game Of Thrones. After having made a cameo in the second-to-last episode of the final season—a cameo that, according to him, nobody, including us, has been able to properly identify—Rodgers eagerly established his credentials as a Thrones fan in a recent interview by doing what all Thrones fans must now do: complain about the ending to anyone who will listen.

In a clip tweeted out by WISN 12 sports anchor/journalist Stephen Watson, Rodgers tells the cameras that everyone’s wrong about which extra he was in “The Bells,” indirectly calling out The A.V. Club’s Randall Colburn by denying that he played either the archer or guy-on-fire identified in an earlier article. Rodgers is then asked if he was “satisfied” with Game Of Thrones’ ending and responds, instantly, with an irritated “no.”


“I love the show and it was a great 10 years,” he says, “But...but no.”

Rodgers goes on to describe, in detail, what he didn’t like. Aside from a quick comment to say he thinks Dany should been been the show’s final ruler, he mostly has impassioned thoughts about the finale scene where Bran is chosen.

“I mean, you come down to the end and Tyrion says the person with the best story is Bran?” Rodgers says. “No!” He then starts an exacerbated list of everyone who “had a better story,” mentioning Jon, Dany, Arya, Sansa, Tyrion, Varys, Bronn, Jaime, Cersei, and “any Baratheon.”

Rodgers then returns to Bran, a character with whom he’s got serious beef. “Here’s my last theory about it,” he starts. “If Bran, the Three-Eyed Raven, who’s all about the health of the realm...Let’s think about what he did.” He explains that Bran “basically wanted the throne the whole time,” citing him telling the secret of Jon’s lineage to “the Starks, knowing that Sansa would tell Tyrion, knowing that Tyrion would talk to Varys, knowing they’d scheme for Dany’s death, knowing that would piss her off, which led her to be ‘the mad queen.’


“So he, the entire time, kinda set this whole thing up?” Rodgers says, frustration mounting. “And at the end he goes, ‘Oh, I don’t want to be king, but, oh, why did I travel all this way to be here?’ No.”

“I love the show, but, y’know, the writers were also doing Star Wars,” he says, complaints thoroughly outlined. “So I think they might’ve been a little busy this last season.” He laughs it off, but his ire is clear. Eagle-eyed observers may want to check that immensely stupid remake petition for Rodgers’ signature.


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