Buzzword sirens are sounding over Hollywood this morning as /Film reports that an actress from Game Of Thrones has signed on for one of a pair of competing biopics about sexy teenage monsters. Make that sexy teenage monster creators, actually: After the Frankenstein craze was driven to the old mill and burned alive by villagers bearing pitchforks and bad box office, producers have apparently moved on from the monster to the author who wrote about the monster.

As for the actress, that would be Sophie Turner—better known to people who don’t watch the credits as Sansa Stark—who’s been cast as Mary Shelley in Mary Shelley’s Monster. Turner will star alongside Jeremy Irvine and Taissa Farmiga, who will play her husband and stepsister, respectively. Directed by Penny Dreadful’s Coky Giedroyc, Mary Shelley’s Monster will focus on Shelley between the ages of 18 and 21 as she writes her classic novel and struggles to deal with its monstrous (get it?) aftermath.


That’s in contrast to competing biopic A Storm In The Stars, which will star Elle Fanning as Shelley and take place one year before the events of Mary Shelley’s Monster, when the future Gothic authoress was doing less writing and more mooning over future husband Percy Blythe Shelley. But lest viewers think Mary Shelley’s Monster is just a bunch of boring artistic achievement with no kissing, producer Rose Ganguzza is quick to point out that the movie “is not a period drama,” but a “a gothic romance [and] a love triangle that involves a dark passenger” told in a “visceral, sexy, contemporary way.”