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Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams bonded by getting high, eating

Photo: Kevork Djansezian (Getty Images)

Here’s what we know about the final season of Game of Thrones: it will be bloody; Ghost and Gendry will play major roles; Jon Snow’s hair will complete its arc; and, um, everybody enjoyed working on Game of Thrones’ final season. That’s it. We’re sorry. To make up for it, here’s yet another entry in the heart-swelling saga of screen sisters Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams’ IRL friendship.

During a panel at the New York Comic Con, the pair discussed their post-filming chill seshes, which we imagine are mandatory following whatever it was that made Williams’ shoes look like this. “We’re kind of like loners on Game of Thrones, just because the past few seasons Maisie and I have sleepovers every night when we’re shooting. Or every night whenever both of us are in town. We just used to sit there and eat and watch stupid videos and smoke weed,” Turner said. “I don’t know if my publicist will kill me for saying this. We’d get high and then we’d sit in the bath together and we’d rub makeup brushes on our faces. It’s fun.”


Elsewhere in the chat, the pair discussed meeting at auditions—“Maisie was special,” Turner said—and the lengths the crew goes to prevent spoilers, which include a “drone killer” (that, we’re guessing, is forged from Valyrian steel).

Read their full comments over at Vulture.


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