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Game Of Thrones seeks drummer, only members of Coldplay need apply

As befitting the prestige of the show, when HBO's Game Of Thrones required a drummer for an upcoming role in its third season, it sought only the most popular and famous of drummers, after deciding that stacking some of its many discarded George W. Bush heads in the shape of a drummer simply wasn't going to cut it. And so Entertainment Weekly reports that Coldplay's drummer Will Champion is set to appear in an upcoming episode as a drummer, drumming on things in a way that only someone who has drummed on platinum albums can drum. Specifics of Champion's scene obviously haven't been released, though it's perhaps worth noting that Champion joins a season that will also feature a mystery cameo from Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody, suggesting that the next season will be all about driving away the White Walkers with the sounds of mopey Britpop.


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