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Game Of Thrones’ Richard Madden—a.k.a. Robb Stark—is returning to TV

Now that the chances of Robb Stark rising from the grave to rain vengeance upon his enemies on Game Of Thrones are looking very unlikely, we suppose it’s time for the actor who played him, Richard Madden, to move on and book another gig. According to TV Line, that gig will be with Amazon, as Madden has signed on to star as a “soulful, intense priest” (typecasting much?) who leaves behind his beloved wife in order to preach to the natives on a faraway colonial planet.

It’s a sci-fi series, obviously, and it’ll be called Strange New Things, shortened from the title Michel Faber’s source novel, The Book Of Strange New Things. Bridge Of Spies writer Matt Charman will adapt the book into a pilot, which The Last King Of Scotland’s Kevin MacDonald will direct. Meanwhile, over at Netflix, the Duffer Bros. just erased an entry from their master list of pithy Stranger Things season two titles.


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