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Game Of Thrones’ Michelle Fairley will be brought back to life on Resurrection

For the first few seasons of HBO’s Game Of Thrones, Michelle Fairley played Catelyn Stark, matriarch of the too-honorable-for-their-own-good Stark family. Then a thing happened, and she’s not on the show anymore. In the books, though, another thing happened, and people expected that thing to happen in the most recent season finale. Except it didn’t, and there’s a chance it never will.

Now that we’ve carefully set the stage without spoiling anything about Game Of Thrones, we can get to the real news: Michelle Fairley is finally going to be brought back to life, but this time it’s for ABC’s Resurrection—that show about people coming back to life that isn’t that other show about people coming back to life. Also, just so we’re all clear, this has absolutely nothing to do with anything that may or may not happen on Game Of Thrones. Absolutely nothing.

Anyway, this comes via Deadline, which reports that Fairley will be joining Resurrection as Margaret Langston, the mother of Kurtwood Smith and Matt Craven’s Henry and Fred Langston. She’ll be part of a season-long arc involving her family’s “dark past” and her efforts to keep people from finding out about it. Presumably not coming back from the dead would be an easy way to keep your dark past hidden, but we’re not going to tell Catelyn Stark how to do her job.


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