In addition to the many characters that the show has bloodily, mercilessly hacked to pieces, leaving them limbless, gore-covered, or dead, Game Of Thrones has now brought an ally to its knees. So many people tuned into HBO GO last night—it is the future of television, after all—that the service was unable to accommodate them, much like Tyrion was unable to accommodate Shae in last night’s episode. (That’s not really a spoiler, don’t worry.) HBO GO tweeted throughout the life-and-death ordeal that they were “working hard towards full recovery,” which meant precious little to those unable to experience Sansa Stark weeping in real time. If this all sounds familiar, it may be because the same thing happened during last month’s True Detective finale. Showtime Anytime, meanwhile, is reporting that all episodes of Ray Donovan are streaming in smooth, glorious HD, if you’re looking for something else to watch.