Game Of Thrones

Today in news that does not have anything to do with anything that may or may not have happened on Game Of Thrones’ recent season finale, Kit Harington has joined the cast of Brimstone, director Martin Koolhoven’s upcoming Western thriller. Harington, of course, played Jon Snow on Game Of Thrones, and—oh, wait. Did we say “played” back there? We meant to say “plays,” because he’s still on the show. Nothing has happened to good ol’ Jonny Snow in the last few weeks! He’s one of the main guys, what could’ve happened to him? Such a weird mistake for us to make.

So anyway, Variety describes Brimstone as “a vidid and powerful epic of one woman’s defiant resistance.” It also stars Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce, and Carice van Houten—who currently appears on Game Of Thrones with Kit Harington and will definitely be seeing him again when filming starts back up. Harington’s role was originally filled by Robert Pattinson, but we’d guess the production decided it needed an actor who was somehow more mopey and brooding for the character.