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Game Of Thrones' Jack Gleeson is coming back to TV, so let's please all just be nice

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It’s been nearly 6 years since Game Of Thrones aired “The Lion And The Rose,” an hour of television that would, were it an episode of Friends, bear the far more descriptive title “The One Where Joffrey Bites It.” That episode is also—barring some light corpse duties the following week—the last time actor Jack Gleeson, who played the sociopathic boy king, appeared on television or film, having reportedly retired from acting (understandably!) in the wake of becoming the internet’s most memetically slapped young man.


Not that Gleeson hasn’t been keeping busy, having spent the last few years working and writing in the theater, appearing on the occasional podcast, and, of course, wrasslin’, as is his right. But it sounds like he’s now finally ready to get back into the TV acting game, with RadioTimes reporting that Gleeson has signed on to co-star in Out Of Her Mind, a new series from British comic Sara Pascoe. Per the BBC, the show “aims to subvert the traditional sitcom format by combining eccentric characters, animation, and scientific explanation.” We have no idea what that means, frankly, but Pascoe is funny, Gleeson is charming, and anything that moves him further away from a life we can only imagine is absolutely filled with unfair requests for him to be shitty to random strangers on the street is probably a public good. 

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