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Game Of Thrones is hitting the road once again

Photo: HBO

Rejoice, fans who have yet to take a selfie on the Iron Throne, for the glorious updating of your profile pic is nigh. This morning, HBO announced the return of the Game Of Thrones touring exhibition. In a press release waxing rhapsodic about the series‘ “breathtaking images and enthralling artifacts,“ the network says that it’s created an all-new, 10,000-square foot exhibition featuring costumes, props, weapons, and armor from the show in themed “immersive environments” from the frozen wastelands north of the Wall to the sun-baked deserts of Meereen.

No word yet on exactly when or where the exhibit will launch, but HBO teases that it’ll be somewhere in Europe—where Game Of Thrones fever is at epidemic levels—sometime this fall, with a worldwide tour planned after that.


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