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Game Of Thrones is finally getting its own coloring book

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Kids are spoiled when it comes to coloring book selection. If they want to do some Frozen or My Little Pony-based coloring, then there’s an endless supply of books that they could choose from. Meanwhile, if an adult wants to do some grown-up coloring—which is a thing that people do—then they have no choice but to get books of boring patterns and supposedly stress-relieving shapes. Of course, nothing is stopping an adult from coloring in a My Little Pony book, but you know the bookstore employees would viciously judge you for buying it. “Did you see that adult buying a children’s coloring book?” they’ll say. “I bet they’re so bad at coloring that they can’t handle an adult coloring book.”


Soon, though, adults will finally be able to enjoy a coloring book that not only matches their skill level, but also features pictures from one of their favorite shows—no, not My Little Pony. According to The New York Times’ “ArtsBeat” section, a Game Of Thrones coloring book will be hitting stores this fall. The book will feature 45 different illustrations from several artists, each presented in the classic, colorless style that makes coloring so…fun? Is coloring fun? It must be.

We don’t know what beloved Game Of Thrones characters or scenes will be in the book, but—in what must be a frontrunner for “Quote Of The Year”—The New York Times predicts that the show’s “extreme depictions of sexual violence and torture…will presumably be excised from the coloring book.” That’s fine, because we’d rather spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon coloring in a picture of Ned Stark losing his head, or the Red Wedding, or Tywin Lannister getting murdered on the toilet anyway. Oh, how about a big picture of Jon Snow looking dour? We’d wear out all of our black crayons, but that’d be fun.

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