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Game Of Thrones is already taking away its most adorable character yet

In keeping with Game Of Thrones’ tendency to introduce characters you grow to love only to cruelly snatch them away, both Vulture and Entertainment Weekly have confirmed that we have likely seen the last this season of Ser Pounce, cockblocking cat of Tommen, heir to the Iron Throne. Ser Pounce’s appearance on Sunday was brief yet memorable, popping up just in time to quash any possible stirrings of romance between Tommen and Margaery—just as cats have done in all kingdoms, throughout the history of time. It was also his last for the foreseeable future, as HBO has said he’s not in any of the six remaining episodes in the fourth season, and there’s “no word” on whether he’ll ever be back. (For what it’s worth, Ser Pounce does factor into George R.R. Martin’s later books. Spoiler: He does cat things.) Anyway, fans can take solace that Game Of Thrones still has plenty of other pussies.


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