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With its many lands, various races, and threats from all sides (plus swords and sorcery stuff), there is some amount of overlap between the world of Game Of Thrones and The Legend Of Zelda. Now the two have finally come together in an epic, if brief, intro that copies the style of the HBO show while surveying Link’s world of Hyrule. Viewers can see the various temples and forests spring up in much the same way as watching Winterfell or Dreadfort come to life.


It’s an impressive mock-up that could have served for Netflix’s possibly abandoned live-action Legend Of Zelda show. The creator, Kial Natale (aka Megasteakman), ends the short feature by promising that the “Dark World Is Coming” possibly meaning appearances of Ganondorf’s lairs or maybe even the land from Twilight Princess or Majora’s Mask. As everyone knows, it’s dangerous to go alone, but now even moreso if George R.R. Martin’s tendency for cruel betrayals seeps into the world of Hyrule.

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