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Game Of Thrones’ IMAX screenings have been pushed back to add more theaters

Here’s a good news/bad news situation for people who were looking forward to seeing Game Of Thrones episodes that they’ve already seen on the biggest screen possible: HBO has pushed back the Game Of Thrones IMAX screenings a week, but it’s also adding about 50 more theaters to the list of participating locations. Instead of starting on January 23, the showings will now start on January 28 and run for a week. As we reported when this was first announced, the theaters will be showing the final two episodes of season four: “The Watchers On The Wall” and “The Children.” There will also be a full trailer for season five—which starts in April—though it will be hard to go back to watching Game Of Thrones on your shitty, little TV after seeing it in glorious IMAX. Maybe, once the new season starts, you could look at your TV through binoculars so it seems bigger? Anyway, the IMAX website has a full list of the theaters that are holding the Game Of Thrones screenings.


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