As we’ve discussed before, whenever Kristian Nairn is not busy learning his line as Game Of Thrones’ Hodor, he dabbles in other forms of crowd-pleasing repetition as a house music DJ in Belfast. And if you’re lucky enough to live in Australia and not be killed by one of its many horrible creatures, you can catch DJ Hodor on the ones-and-Hodors during his upcoming “Rave Of Thrones” tour, a name that somehow sounds even deadlier than the actual Game Of Thrones.

According to a press release that isn’t just the word “Hodor,” Rave Of Thrones will see Nairn “showcasing some of the deepest house from all seven kingdoms” across a series of venues “transformed into the finest halls of Westeros,” where patrons will be required to wear Game Of Thrones-themed “fancy dress…. in a manner that would befit Queen Cersei herself.” The statement makes no mention of the drugs on hand, but it is expected that shit will be tight, something something Game Of Thrones.


Each set will also be accompanied by a Game Of Thrones-themed light show and “a range of surprise guests and garnishings.” We’ll just assume the latter means George R.R. Martin will be there (because why wouldn’t he be?), along with plenty of celery. The tour kicks off Aug. 28 in Sydney, so you should find the largest man in your vicinity to begin carrying you there right now.

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