Game Of Thrones

While Game Of Thrones was busy killing a bunch of important characters in its most recent season, Kristian Nairn—who plays Hodor—had the year off. But unlike most of us, who would use that sort of free time to play Arkham Knight and catch up on our favorite HBO fantasy epics, Nairn decided to do something more productive: He recorded his first single. As you may recall, in addition to being the most verbose character on Game Of Thrones, Nairn is actually a popular DJ in his native Ireland—which means, unfortunately/fortunately, his first single is a beat-filled dance jam and not the next great pop anthem.

Now, Nairn has released the single, “Up/Beacon” and you can get it from whatever music-selling service you’d like with the links on Nairn’s SoundCloud page. You can also listen to “Up” below if you prefer to have your music embedded in A.V. Club pages.


[via Oh No They Didn’t]