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Illustration for article titled emGame Of Thrones/em gambles on adding a character who likes to have sex

As part of a daring bid to finally introduce some sex to Game Of Thrones, the HBO series has cast Indira Varma as Ellaria Sand, described by TV Line as “the sexually frisky lady friend” of the recently cast Oberyn Martell. Without giving too much away, Ellaria Sand kills every single other character while they’re all attending a housewarming party—one, it bears mentioning, they didn’t even want to attend—then becomes queen of the known world, spending the rest of the series having frisky sex with their corpses. “I won the game of thrones!” she will proclaim while astride their slackened bodies, week after week. Anyway, Varma is a veteran of HBO shows that mix swordplay and the other kind of swordplay, as she is, like Mance Rayder portrayer Ciaran Hinds, a veteran of Rome—a canceled series that similarly concerned dynastic struggles, but lacked the foresight to have any cool dragons. It did have lots of sex, though; here's hoping that works out slightly better for Game Of Thrones.


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