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Game Of Thrones' final season starts at Winterfell, ends at some mysterious new place

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So far, we’ve only been able to get information about Game Of Thrones’ final season by piecing together vague, possibly misleading comments from the people who star in it, but things seem to be a little easier for James Hibberd over at Entertainment Weekly. He actually got a chance to visit the show’s extremely secretive set and interview some of the cast about the upcoming series finale, and while a lot of information he got is still pretty vague, we do know some actual new things about the end of Game Of Thrones now.


For one thing, we know the first episode of the season will start at Winterfell as Daenerys and her crew (including Jon Snow) show up to meet the remaining Starks. This is going to be a purposeful callback to the show’s first episode, when King Robert and his crew showed up to meet the then-plentiful Starks, and there will be “plenty of callbacks” to that first episode. EW says there will be a “thrilling and tense intermingling of characters” as Team Dany and Team Stark size each other up, but Sansa is predictably frustrated that Jon Snow has pledged his loyalty to Daenerys. She’ll also probably be frustrated when she finds out that she’s his aunt and that they slept together, but maybe there’ll be bigger things to worry about by then.

Jumping forward to the very end of the season, an important scene at some point in the final episode will happen on a new set that has never been seen on the show before, featuring some surprising characters who you may not have expected to see in the finale. There was supposedly enough happening for Hibberd to make a guess as to what will happen in the episodes before finale, but those are the only details we’ve got about it for now. Still, intriguing stuff!


In between the first episode and the last episode, we know there will be something that made Kit Harington cry when he read it in the script and that there will be a huge battle that hops between multiple different characters. Apparently, each different focus “feels like its own genre,” with each character experiencing some different part of the battle. We also know that it’ll involve humans fighting ice zombies and that it’ll last longer than a “12-minute sequence.”

Game Of Thrones will return to HBO for the last time—until the spin-off—next year.

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