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Game Of Thrones duo, Alexander Woo adapting sci-fi epic The Three-Body Problem for Netflix

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David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are mounting another ambitious adaptation, this time as part of their deal with Netflix. The Game Of Thrones duo have teamed up with Alexander Woo (showrunner of The Terror: Infamy) to write and executive produce an adaptation of Chinese author Liu Cixin’s epic sci-fi trilogy The Three-Body Problem. The project was announced in a blog post written by Netflix’s VP of Original Series, Peter Friedlander, who expressed his excitement to tackle the ambitious trilogy with the blessing of the author himself. “The first time I read The Three-Body Problem trilogy (Remembrance of Earth’s Past),” Friedlander wrote, “it changed what science fiction meant to me forever.” Rian Johnson and producing partner Ram Bergman will also serve as executive producers on the series, with Cixin and Ken Liu serving as consulting producers. “Having Cixin and Ken involved will help ensure that the spirit of the books remains intact,” said Friedlander.


Cixin’s novel trilogy presents a sprawling, time-hopping narrative that centers on humanity’s first contact with aliens. The title of the first book, The Three-Body Problem, is a reference to the physics and classical mechanics theory. Netflix has yet to name a showrunner for the series, so it’s unclear if Benioff and Weiss will fill that role or if the designation will go to Woo. Friedlander also revealed a stacked roster of executive producers, including Brad Pitt’s Plan B:

Bernadette Caulfield (Game Of Thrones, The X-Files), newly-installed President of Benioff & Weiss’ production company.

Nena Rodrigue, President of Television for Johnson and Bergman’s production company, T-Street.

Lin Qi, Chairman of the rights-holders—Yoozoo Group and The Three-Body Universe, and Zhao Jilong, Vice President of The Three-Body Universe, who are deeply committed to meaningfully building out the Three-Body franchise.

Plan B Entertainment (Brad Pitt, Jeremy Kleiner and Dede Gardner’s company) known for bringing to screen critically acclaimed and global projects with great reverence including Okja for Netflix and the Academy Award–winning Moonlight.

Rosamund Pike and Robie Uniacke whose company Primitive Streak specializes in prestige international literary property.

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