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Game Of Thrones director to make a Sinbad movie

Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Emmy-award-winning TV director Miguel Sapochnik has signed on to make a Sinbad movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Unfortunately, that should not be misinterpreted as a cinematic vehicle for ’90s-era comedy genius David “Sinbad” Adkins. This will be a film adaptation of the 14th-century Middle Eastern story-cycle of Sinbad The Sailor. Which also has the potential to be pretty good, especially since Sapochnik really made a name for himself due to his work on Game Of Thrones.

The British-born filmmaker took home a Primetime Emmy last month for “Battle Of The Bastards,” one of four episodes he helmed for the HBO fantasy series on which Jingle All The Way star Sinbad has not yet worked for some reason. He’s directed episodes of a number of highly regarded shows, including House, Masters Of Sex, and True Detective, as well as the 2010 feature film Repo Men. The big-budget, effects-heavy adventure epic—which has already been brought to screen a time or two—seems a good fit for his talents.


Sapochnik will direct from a screenplay by Kyle Killen, creator of the television shows Lone Star, Awake, and Mind Games. No casting choices have yet been announced, but a certain Michigan-born comedian seems like a shoo-in for something in the sprawling cast.

[via io9]

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