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Game Of Thrones’ Charles Dance to scare people as an alien this time

Game Of Thrones’ Charles Dance will lend Tywin Lannister’s sinister tones to SyFy’s latest sci-fi miniseries, Childhood’s End. Based on Arthur C. Clarke’s classic novel, the six-episode program will tell the tale of Earth’s passive takeover by mysterious, unseen aliens. Dance will play Karellen, a representative of the alien race known as the Overlords, who gently subjugate the planet with offers of powerful technology and the finest in intergalactic cookbooks.

Also, if the casting notices are to believed, the name of the only person to whom Karellen will directly speak, Finnish diplomat Rikki Stormgren, has been changed to “Ricky” for the TV versionconjuring images of pronouncements from our new alien Overlords being delivered by a dirty-faced, BMX-loving 12-year-old and his kickass denim vest. Childhood’s End is set to premiere next year.


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