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Illustration for article titled emGame Of Thrones/em adds that guitar-slinging scumbag from emTreme/em and emNashville/em, you know the one

Still in need of fresh corpses it can feed to the voracious maw of Games Of Thrones, the HBO series has signed up Michiel Huisman—an actor best known for playing Treme’s Sonny and Nashville’s Liam, two bearded, lanky creeps who are always charming their way into the lives of talented musician ladies with their empty promises and guitar skills, then ruining them with his lies. Oh, it shall be good to see him die.


Of course, even though Huisman is joining Game Of Thrones, death isn’t a given: The Hollywood Reporter notes that the specifics of Huisman’s role are being officially kept under wraps—much like that of other recent additions such as Sherlock’s Mark Gatiss and Thor's Joseph Gatt (although fans speculate the latter could be playing Styr, Magnar of Thenn, based on Gatt’s own natural hairlessness). Still, we do know Sansa likes to sing. Watch out for this dude, Sansa. He's no good for you.

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