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Gallagher Bros. still saying stuff to British music press

Just because you're almost 40 doesn't mean you shouldn't be staging little music-press dramas for media-hungry 15-year-olds. Noel Gallagher evidently feels it's very important that said readers understand exactly what he's trying to say, as he clarifies statements about the war in Iraq he made in an interview with The Sun:

"I have said in other interviews that the war in Iraq was a bloody cock-up. I stand by that and I do think that if you join the army you must expect to be shot at.

Also, the brothers have gotten together to diss Love, the new Beatles mashup compilation.

Noel insisted the LP was "a pointless exercise" and claimed he turned the record off "after five songs".

Liam added "It's rubbish. If you haven't got The Beatles by now you're not going to get it. I'm all Beatled-up."


What, did you think that last part wasn't already made clear in your entire recorded output?

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