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Though some stars of very high-profile feminist projects are still reluctant to call their work such, that is thankfully not the case when it comes to Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot. The actress told Entertainment Weekly in a new interview that “Wonder Woman is a feminist, of course,” hopefully putting any debate over the matter to rest.

Gadot then went on to explain how she perceives the situation, giving a pretty mainstream, 21st-century definition of the term. “I think people have a misconception about what feminism is,” Gadot said. “People think hairy armpits and women who burn bras and hate men. That’s not it. For me, feminism is all about equality and freedom and [women] choosing what we want to do. If it’s salaries, then we get paid equal to men. It’s not men vs. women or women vs. men.” There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but let’s consider the “is Wonder Woman a feminist” question settled.


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