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Gal Gadot teams up with Dwayne Johnson for a globe-trotting action movie

Photo: Dia Dipasupil (Getty Images)

It seems like it has taken a long time, but Gal Gadot is finally getting her first starring film role since Wonder Woman. According to Deadline, she’ll be starring with Dwayne Johnson in Red Notice, a “globe-trotting, action-comedy, heist thriller” that is being kept vague beyond that. Gadot’s character will be a “brilliant and mysterious figure in the art world,” which sounds a lot like her secret identity in Justice League, but at least that’s a cool thing to be typecast as—unless Red Notice is some kind of spin-off, which seems very unlikely.

Deadline doesn’t say who Johnson will be playing, but he’s probably going to be a charming guy with big muscles. Also, the movie will have another male star alongside Johnson and Gadot, but he hasn’t been cast yet. Maybe it’ll be Ben Affleck, and he can play a billionaire playboy with a tragic past? Or Henry Cavill as a dopey ace reporter who always seems to disappear when something dangerous happens?


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