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Gal Gadot might play the female lead in Ben-Hur

The Ben-Hur remake has already found its Doctor Doom and now it might have found its Wonder Woman as well. Or, rather, the woman who is going to be playing Wonder Woman from now until the end of time—save for a possible break to film the Ben-Hur remake. This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says future-Justice League member Gal Gadot is currently in talks for the female lead in MGM and Paramount’s extra Jesus-y chariot-racing movie. If she does sign on, Gadot will be playing Esther, a slave that Jack Huston’s Ben-Hur sets free and falls in love with—you know, that classic romantic fairytale of a man and woman overcoming the odds and falling in love despite the fact that one of them used to literally own the other one. Seriously, though, slavery isn’t cool. To any kids out there: If someone tries to pressure you into slavery, they aren’t really your friend. Ben-Hur is being directed by Wanted‘s Timur Bekmambetov, which is good for Gadot, since she’s going to be working with Zack Snyder for a while and will probably appreciate getting another director who loves to make everything slow-motion.


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