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Twitter is often pretty terrible. We feel no need to present evidence of this, though if you want some, this week some bestselling authors decided to dunk on a lone college student for thinking the books of one author are bad. But Twitter can also be pretty great! Cat videos! Mr. Darcy debates! Wikipedia wormholes! Many other things! And here, friends, is one such thing: Comics writer, internet treasure, and bona fide Olicity stan Gail Simone made cartoon theme songs a trending topic.


She didn’t expect it to hit quite so hard:


Lots of wonderful themes get mentioned—did you know the Captain Underpants theme was written by Weird Al Yankovic?—but we’re going to take this as our cue to share several versions of one of the great cartoon themes, the legit jam that marks the beginning of a new installment of DuckTales (a-woo-oo!)

First, the original, sung by Jeff Pescetto:

Here’s the new one, also great, sung by Felicia Barton:

Here’s Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco doing it:

Here’s a relentlessly charming take on the theme that’s also a reminder that the cast for the new DuckTales is bonkers (watch at least until David Tennant goes for that high note):

Here is a tiny baby Darren Criss doing it:

Okay so this is just the original theme, but with actual ducks:

Hell yes:


The inevitable a capella entry:

And another one:

And in closing, the Darkwing Duck theme, which also slaps:

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